Monday, 18 September 2017

KMFDM "Hell Yeah" (2017)

I almost passed on this new release from the German Industrial legends "Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid" and having given "Hell Yeah" a few plays through that would of been wise. Why? Its exactly what I expected, 2014's "Our Time Will Come" was interesting given it had been a while since I last checked in them. Its clear KMFDM have got their sound down to a science, a formula they repeat every few years and so the music was predictable. This is their twentieth full length and its actually the second longest gap between records which is kinda remarkable considering they have been consistently at it for over thirty years since 1986.

And so we have another fifty minutes of fist pounding Industrial Rock loaded with harsh EBM beats and electro synths that don't offer a lot of depth in terms of replay value and subtly. Its all upfront, in your face with all of the instruments compressed, loud and very audible. The compositions interweave electronic melodies and samples backed by hard ripping distortion guitars and the incessant steady thudding of club kick beats. Its reasonable but no surprising or memorable moments arise from a sturdy set of instrumentals mostly arranged in verse chorus.

The most interesting aspect is the typically anarchistic social-politically minded lyrics which take current topics and stir them into statement ridden lyrics, making it very clear where on the left they stand. They do provide a few catchy hooks or lines with insight to ponder on, IE the "Fake News" bringing up an idea of "news addiction" which I found to be an insightful statement. The albums cover further enforces the current topical nature of the music but its not much to save this from being the same sound spun again. Not even the production seems to have progressed and so we have a predictable record. Although I like the bands style and sound, this record offered nothing new bar one or two intriguing lyrics.

Favorite Tracks: Freak Flag, Fake News
Rating: 4/10