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Friday, 10 April 2020

Jazz Sabbath "Jazz Sabbath" (2020)

Surely its just a shenanigan? A slice of fantasy folk lore stirred up to play a practical joke on fans of the iconic, legendary, pioneers of Metal to come, Black Sabbath! The story goes that this Jazz outfit were ripped off by Tony Iommi as composer Milton Keanes, like the British city, was hospitalized. This put their album in jeopardy and the master tapes have supposedly been lost for over fifty years. Doing a little online research into the bands history yields next to no evidence of their existence other than suspicious self published images of them on non existent publications. It feels like a hoax, which also doesn't speak to the apparent genius that extends beyond the alleged theft as Black Sabbath were no hit wonders!

Now lets talk about the music, you'll hear the classic riffs presented stunningly on a sublime piano tone, sometimes as part of broader compositions too. There is also plenty of original material spliced between. It makes it hard to comment on a lot of whats happening as it feels akin to a covers album in spirit. Played through a beautiful musical piano as part of a Jazz trio, the classic riffs are somehow slick, smooth and very relaxing. The power and weight of that Iommi guitar tone and style almost seems counter intuitive to what you'll experience on these seven tracks.

The recording is elegant and smooth, almost too much so. I am no expert but the clarity and fidelity of these dusty old recordings seems a little to crisp and vibrant, It is gorgeous in tone but that makes it more so questionable These are great qualities, the record is indulgent, a calming musical odyssey, with sparks of Rock guitar, Saxophone and Organs chiming in on occasion too. It is notable though these original moments also don't feel very "sabbathy". I have always found Jazz some of the most difficult music to describe and even with an anchor point of Heavy Metal riffage these songs are transformed into something else with that easy going Jazz charm. If it is a stunt as I presume, this project could of been better served as a fun novelty, re-constructing music for an alternative framing.

Rating: 5/10