Monday, 26 January 2015

Run The Jewels "Run The Jewels" (2013)

Last year I wrote about "Run The Jewels 2", the second album of rap duo Killer Mike & E-LP. At the time I was both impressed and unsure about the record. There were lots of positives, but I found myself quickly tiring of the sound the two established. After the dust settled and time passed, these songs were surfacing in my mind, and my initial understanding of the project expanded as I picked up the record again. Writing about music has highlighted a dimension of music I often overlook, time. Time is change and as I change so does my enjoyment of the music. Often I want to write about "classic" records that in recent weeks I've realized have run their course for me, they have their place in time but whats relevant is what I'm enjoying at this moment, and Run The Jewels is definitely a pleasure right now, so much so I got hold of their first record released the year before.

I'm not sure what I was anticipating, but no surprise this record was more of the same. So much so it made me appreciate the unique style the two established with this project. This first chapter isn't quite as dark, ruthless and tongue in cheek as RTJ2, but doesn't need these things to show its strength. The instrumentals rock some strange approaches to beat creation, lots of abstract, aggressive electronic sounds and leads dance around each other with impacting force. The percussion has the Hip Hop groove, but comes through some detailed rhythms, lots of kicks, claps, snares and hitting sounds coming together in an aggressive nature, creating energetic beats with a depth of intricacy.

If it wasn't for Mike and E-LPs rapping this might not sound like a Hip Hop record, the electronic sounds and forceful rhythms sound like an abstract electronic genre at times. Its a positive that they forge such a unique sound. The twos lyrical content is on point, and on the track "Job Well Done" Mike drops a line that cracks me up "Its like Tyson in the 90s, if I'm loosing take a bite out". Theres not to much else I have to say, more of the same, its all good, 10 solid tracks that don't have an excessive run time. Looking forward to RTJ3.

Favorite Tracks: Ddfn, Job Well Done, No Come Down, Get It, A Christmas Fucking Miracle
Rating: 6/10