Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Periphery "Juggernaut: Alpha" (2015)

Periphery are a Djent heavy, Progressive Metal band from America who were once the brainchild of producer "Bulb" before expanding there lineup over time into a six-piece group, who are ever growing in popularity and critical acclaim. Juggernaut could be a double album, but its two records released on the same day sharing the "Juggernaut" title, and this is one "Alpha" is the longer of the two. Having caught the band live a couple of times they have certainly been entertaining, but this is my first proper listen to one, or two, of their records and It would appear I have been missing out!

Alpha is certainly the lighter, or brighter, of the two records. For a group that plays with the heavys of Djent, they lavish the listener in a foray of infectious melodics and swooning colorful hooks between ambitious grooves and metallic bludgeons. The chemistry is is a fine art as the group masterfully pull us through songs that delight with a fine variety of catchy, heart felt leads, intrepid guitar dynamics and some head banging sensibility. Whatever ideas and inspiration the band have, they are executing them with a touch of genius, each of these tracks feel fully realized and doesn't leave for a moment of filler.

The albums aesthetic is golden, tight, a crisp production by founding member Bulb who delivers a delicious audio fest of clarity and prescison. Every note, tone, kick and sound feels bright and balanced, even the deep end guitars sound fantastic considering Periphery have two djent rhythm guitarists Bulb catches the deep churning and crunchy tones the duo produce. Overall its a classy record thats backed by terrific musicianship providing plenty of intricate, technical guitar delights as well as crafting some real emotion with the catchier, melodic, poppy moments.

Favorite Songs: A Black Minute, Heavy Heart, Alpha, 22 Faces, Four Lights
Rating: 8/10