Friday, 10 July 2015

The Prodigy "The Day Is My Enemy" (2015)

The Prodigy are a British trio of electronic musicians who need no introduction to residents of their native country. Here in the UK they are a household name, with big albums and singles like "Firestarter", "Breathe" and "Smack My Bitch Up" in the 90s they establishment a huge presences for themselves alongside the Brit Pop era of that time which saw a fair few musicians, bands and pop groups flourish with a wave of popularity. This album marks 25 years the three have stuck together and is only their sixth full length record, having slowed down their output since their most popular release "The Fat Of The Land". The group played a pivotal role in defining the Big Beat genre which mixes elements of Hip Hop and post-Detroit rave scene sounds like Jungle, Techno and Drum & Bass. The name clearly suits the genre which revolves around massive loops backed and reinforced by various styles of synthesizer leads and electronic sampling.

"The Day Is My Enemy" is a generous serving of vibrant, industrious, energetic songs that give their fans exactly what they want, more hard hitting breaks, hooks and jittery melodies to rave too. Beyond that their little thats expansive or experimental about this record, The Prodigy are writing sharp songs that meet the expectations of their niche. Through out the record there are hints and inklings of similarities to previous songs, which is to be expected. Overall it does an impressive job of keeping their sound fresh, with exception to "Destroy" which felt like an intentional throw back to the 90s, and one of the records best songs with its thumping bass kick, shuffling snares and pitch shifted hits creating one heck of a hook.

Production wise, their experience and knowledge shows. Theres very little to talk about beyond the stunning clarity and balancing of instruments in the mix, it makes for a lively record that gives you a feel for the live experience. The record very much suits a mood and apatite but with little to expand on what The Prodigy are known for it can feel all too familiar. With a lack of new ideas or moments that take you by surprise it leaves a desire for something new. Its strength is its rigidity and so is its weakness. The Prodigy stick to their guns and shoot to kill, but they could do with a new target. Great listen but very much scratches an itch thats been treated before.

Favorite Songs: Ibiza, Destory, Wild Frontier, Medicine, Wall Of Death
Rating: 6/10