Monday, 14 December 2015

Cloudkicker "Woum" (2015)

 At the beginning of the year I enjoyed my first Cloukicker record "The Discovery" from the Pittsburgh based one man band. Seven years later "Woum" is unrecognizable from the noisy metallic Djent-fest I knew this project as. There is no disappointment, "Woum" is an inspired project, its only hint of the past is felt through the intricate, tight guitar performance and use of abstract noises in rhythmic synchronization with the percussion. Its got the feels of a Djentleman but is an acoustic Post-Rock affair that effortlessly flows through peaceful and calm compositions of melodic delight.

The guitars are light, bright and colorful, plucking away with reverbs and echos that feedback on themselves, masking the layers of quiter guitars that mingle underneath. They expand and contract as the intricacies unfold secretly before your ears, steadily growing in momentum and detail. Its held together by a loose and spacious kit that rocks untypical beats in a gracious and distant manor, at times feeling almost irrelevant, but still welcome. On select tracks there is a thick and textured bass underneath rocking grooves that work of the kit, and at other times it is more subdued in light of the lead guitars which were the focus of the record.

It all makes for colorful and bright listen that has a few notable moments like "Threaded", a guitar piece that makes fair use of a continually expanding reverb as the song gets lost into itself in a lurking flood of ethereal ooze. Its ambition and direction is short of the bigger picture for despite all its pleasantries nothing jumps out and grabs you, although you feel it may at any moment. Its a well realized and put together piece of music but it only goes half the distance it has the potential to do.

 Favorite Songs: Trim Splint, Threaded
Rating: 5/10

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  1. Thank you very much for this discovery, I like it a lot ! I should definitely read this blog more often, everytime another great artist makes it to my favorites - as Igorrr did !

    - MechaRage