Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Tory Town Poets "TTP" (2014)

Along with Kate Tempest this is another gift I received for Christmas. Its a short 18 minute spoken word piece, performance poetry enhanced with a few lingering sound effects to help set a tone. Poets Olmo Lazarus and Sioni Richards present us with food for thought through word and rhyme as they express their disenfranchised situations. Through topics of war, work, money, youth and suburban disillusionment we muse on their thoughts. The duo have similar styles and tone, complimenting one another from track to track with their deeper, common voices, spoken as if talking directly to you. With a silky flow of organic rhymes and sturdy pacing their words suck one in to the clear and cohesive narratives laid down around the points expressed. You can sense the emotion and anger, its behind calm and calculated expressions but the weight of each point hits home heavy and as the pace of delivery whizzes by as a whirl of mental activity stirs inside on the many observations and points touched on. Its a very socially oriented piece, relative to the human experience, as opposed to any political alignment or ideology, however the groups name may give you a sense of where their politics fall. Its short, rammed with substance and an expression to tune into for a touch of sanity.

Favorite Track: C.V.
Rating: 6/10