Sunday, 30 October 2016

Lord Lovidicus "Book Of Lore Volume II - A Vespera Ad Lucem" (2016)

Following up on 2015's "Book Of Lore Volume I" we have the second installment which has been instantaneously more enjoyable than its predecessor. For reasons difficult to expression, Volume II feels more grounded, rooted and settled in its own ideas. The two are undoubtedly similar but the first record themes felt attached to some Lovidicus's Dungeon Synth roots. "A Vespera Ad Lucem" has a more organic, almsot tropical vibe with gentle bongo like percussion and leisurely tempos letting the atmospheres swell gently under the warm shimmering sun. In its slower pace and medial engagement has the cold and dark nature of the music drifting towards obscurity. The percussion steers to the sounds of a hotter climate and shifts in music are accommodated with the controlled crash of a gong cymbal, its ever so slightly Arabic, maybe Oriental in its subtleties. Human voice synths oozes in and out of focus while harem guitars pluck away gorgeously noninvasive melodies.

It would make for perfect video game music, the sort you could see yourself grinding the sewers and deserts of Diablo's act II too. Its vivid yet never overpowering and its easy pace makes for effortless listening. The record itself is rather uneventful, the shifts in melody, the passageways of music so gracefully move from one to the next you may not even notice it, if not for "Ad Maiorem Iovis Gloriam"s organ solo providing a break in tone at the middle of the record. Its a rich craft of simplistic and subtlety executed in unremarkable fashion that's of the moment. When your listening your away with it but there are no melodies or tricks to get stuck in your head. Lovidicus steps into new territory seemingly without changing his craft and the result is lush song of the shades in retreat from the baking sun of desert oasis's.

Rating: 7/10