Sunday, 25 June 2017

Milk Teeth "Smiling Politely" (2013)

There's not much I could say Milk Teeth's debut EP that I haven't said about their sound already. I wanted to get through all the bands releases and was surprised to hear them establish themselves so clearly two years before Sad Sack. Perhaps I was expecting something a little more primitive, rawer, a prototype of sorts that you can often encounter on a bands first record. The flimsy album cover may of given me that impression, a 60's psychedelia inspired font for the logo and Poochie the dog with his surfboard, the third character from Itchy & Scratchy that Homer Simpson voiced. Its bland pink and white minimalism not much of an appetizer for the music inside.

These songs are as alike as whats to come, Grungy 90s tunes with a hint of Punk Rock and a mild measure of nostalgia. They would slip right in, so much so the song "Swear Jar" explains the "(Again)" appendix on Vile Child, where it was re-recorded. All that can be said is the production, aesthetics, have a little less polish, some roughness around the edges mostly heard in the guitar distortions. Every other aspect falls into place, enthusiastic drumming, passionate shouts and singing, quite interesting to hear the guitar chemistry so potent from the get go. Lots of grooving, moving guitars interlaced with moody effect soaked leads that have a real emotional weight to them. Solid debut, shame about the awful cover.

Rating: 5/10
Favorite Tracks: Wizzard Battle, Grease

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