Thursday, 20 July 2017

Tombs "The Grand Annihilation" (2017)

To write this post I had to remind myself why I was following this band. I think my interest In this sort of Metal is slowly wavering but after an initial disappointment, a more few spins gave me a clearer image as the music came to my mind. I was quite impressed by the Brooklyn bands 2014 release Savage Gold, listening to it again reminded me that Tombs are a very temperate, measured band that seek atmosphere in the pacing and patience of their music, a Post-Black Metal venture with shades of Death Metal casting a spell of unforgiving doom without any cheep thrills.

At forty eight minutes its quite the grind, a bleak, monotonous grind of unearthly rumblings in the mist. Tremolo shredded notes pluck and propel us forth into the baron wastelands as icy lead guitar licks breath some life into the desolate setting. Intensified by bursts of blast beats and interchanging dissonant chords, the occasional Thrash Metal intersection makes itself known as the songs cruise through a construction of riffs that sway the tone and direction with craft and intention. These songs are well constructed, without straying to the grandiose or loosing its sense of burden, Tombs hold together a consistently heavy, gloomy tone that creeps in subtle climactic moments with guitar shifts leading to sorrowful yet elegant solos. The deep bellowing vocals of Mike Hill adds to the damning atmosphere, there dominance over shrill screams much more preferable and fitting.

There's a lot to praise on this record, its obvious these are talented musicians with a good ear for song structure. The production is sturdy, crisp and clear instruments with enough mud in the tones to bring about the bleak atmosphere the band conjure. There is little to fault but my enjoyment is saturated. When its playing it makes for good company but in its absence it barely crosses my mind. As I said before I think its just my taste in this style that is fading. Nothing wows or feels unheard, unexpected, its all become a bit of a routine journey into a familiar shade of darkness.

Rating: 5/10

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