Sunday, 27 August 2017

Decapitated "Anticult" (2017)

Its been a decade since drummer Witold Kieltyka tragically died at the young age of 23. he formed the Polish band with his brother at only twelve years old! Witold was prodigy to say the least, hammering down fast and brutal drum patterns as a teen. Decapitated stood out as a young band with a promising future however in this day they sound like a shell of their former selves. With only founding member Vogg left on guitar's they have stripped back the brutality and transformed into a rather common sounding Melodic Death Metal outfit, at least rhythmically as there isn't to much of a focus on melody here. That's not to say the musics bad, just that what once set them apart from other bands is a distant memory on this record.

Anticult starts out as a warmer, inviting record with some gleaming guitar leads and progressive riff constructs arranged between the high octane Death guitar grinding. With Thrash overtones and shades of Groove the band put on a more palatable, appealing show in the beginning stages. As the record draws on deafening blast beats leaner riffage start to take hold and on a couple of tracks with the relentless double pedal rattle echos their old identity. It starts out warm and steadily leads us into dark territory as the mid section delivers a few moments of grinding brutality and aesthetic onslaught.

As the record draws on more melodies and mosh friendly riffs emerge, bringing about those festival music vibes, the sort of Metal fit for the open air. Its that kind of appeasing record, it may be full of blast beats and tonally dense instruments but its squeaky clean production eliminates the visceral aspect, making the slick snares and sharp, crisp guitar tones an aesthetic treat. Its all set to make a great record but not many of the songs stuck with me. An enjoyable listen but a lack of meat and spark in the song writing to really turn a technically decent record into anything of merit to my ears.

Rating: 5/10

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