Thursday, 26 July 2018

Cardiacs "Sing To God" (1996)

These English rockers second to last record, Sing To God, is a wild ride of a double album! The mistress of its own madness, this eclectically eccentric display of intensified ideals pummels the listener with its dense wall of sound. An unending sprawl of musical mania unfolds as the four piece sound arm themselves to the teeth with attitude and energy to sound like a orchestra on an adrenaline rush. Every note, melody and sung lyric is reinforced by this cacophony of instruments turned to eleven and itching to blast their sound in unison.

These compositions will have one lost in a madhouse as songs leap, lunge and erupt with every shift in structure. Opportunities to jump ship on tempo, pace, time signature and mood are taken, throwing one of the scent frequently. Through this apparent absurdity some very English and Classic Rock musicianship can be heard, echos of Progressive Rock and especially Queen disguise themselves as all the instruments line up like a band of red faced lunatics trying to out play each other, blowing themselves out in the processs.

Its a wonderful experience for those who seek it. A wall of sound that undoubtedly had an influence on Devin Townsend. It was one of the first things I picked up on and subsequent research revealed this is one of his favorite records! The production lends itself kindly to instruments who's aesthetics are charged, frothing and ready to synchronize with anything that steps near. Its a continual treat, whenever a melody is played or sung, before it can finish making itself known an arsenal of competing sounds rush in to make that dizzying wall of sound come to life with a touch of hysteria.

At ninety minutes it tests its listeners endurance, the psychedelic lunacy ceases to let up for a rest and its length may be unnecessary in getting a point across. At times its nutty tone slips into aesthetics where simpler themes emerge but that is just a response to the expectant complexity displayed, its only disappointment is a reliance on fade outs which usual land on a new section of music that's cursed to shadows. Many of my favorite moments are on the first half, by the time the second comes around its worn me down, which I love. Its filled to the brim with creativity and a nutty sense of radical fun that's a race to the finish line only the band will ever win. A very notable record worthy of any acclaim.

Rating: 8/10