Friday, 20 December 2019

Aurora "All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend" (2016)

Peeling back from the subtle cultural Scandinavian chill felt on her debut EP Running With The Wolves, Aurora's first full length brings about ten new songs alongside two of old that steer the sails to warmer waters. This is no u-turn but a feasible shift from what is usually a draw for me, the darker things. It undoubtedly retains a moody gothic tinge but as the album gets into its stride the percussion livens up with EDM thuds to bolster the roots. Melodies sparkle and animate with color and a few energized tracks emerge between the often instrumentally steady approach that gives focus to Aurora.

Her voice is center stage and many a heart string she tugs with her personality as a singer. The choices in harmonization and delivery ooze with spirit and feeling, an infectious style that so easily sweeps you up and away, getting lost in the beauty of these elegant songs that stroll between melancholy and hope. With a heavenly spirit and mournful respite, her music can be felt like a lonely catharsis at many a time.

The bursts of pop melody and upbeat tempos carry a different form of charm and so the record tends to sway between its ends, soaking you up in color and warmth, then letting the frayed ends of a sorrow gone by wash over as the instrumentals subside to let her charm emanate. Subtly is king again, the accompanying instruments seem to linger in the balance, even taking ample opportunity to become focal in swells of emotional out pour. Its all simply brilliant with little to criticize other than favoring some tracks over others however each song in its moment feels like one of the best.

Favorite Tracks: Through The Eyes Of A Child, Murder Song, Home, Black Water Lilies
Rating: 8/10