Sunday, 7 June 2015

IGORRR "Moisissure" (2008)

Continuing my backwards exploration of French multi-instrumentalist Igorrr's discography we come across the second full length, "Moisissure". This record was ultimately what I was expecting to find at some point, a reverse engineering of the unique chemistry that mezmorized on "Nostril" and "Hallelujah". Here the contrast is still rigid, and the experiment obvious, but their is clearly potential and of course we know it was fulfilled.

Thinking in reverse progression makes my opinion somewhat bias knowing the direction Igorrr would move in and its been hard to get away from pointing out where this record falls short of its predecessors. To merit its good points, it has atmosphere, a calmer vibe and great sample selection that allows one to indulge in the Baroque and Renaissance eccentric moments without being overheated by the hammering electronic glitching and break beats. And thats where the fun ends.

The moments where the frenetic glitch blasting and audio oddities come up against the sampling is where the rigidity of the experiment shows itself, the glitching often dispelling the atmosphere rather than creating it. The beats previously had the listener at their mercy, but on Moisissure they tend to rattle alongside without manipulating much of the songs flow. Its easy now to see where Igorrr was going, but at this point its yet to work and "Brutal Swing" would be the best example of this experimentation falling flat as ludicrous blasting goes up against chirpy pianos and swing vocals with no excitement born from their union. Worth the listen, but not something ill be returning too.

Favorite Songs: Putrefiunt, Huile Molle
Rating: 4/10

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