Monday, 22 June 2015

Craig Mack "Project.. Funk Da World" (1994)

Having recently discovered Notorious BIG's "Life After Death" I decided to do a little research into Big Boy Records where I found Craig Mack and his 94 release "Project.. Funk Da World". It was the New Jersey based rapper's debut and Bad Boy's second release one week after Biggie's "Ready To Die". The cover and name drew me in, it had that early 90s look and feel but as they say, never judge a book by its cover. My first listen through had me pretty settled on my opinion of this record and nothing has changed since.

Project funk the world is all style, no substance. It opens with a mediocre grimy low-fi beat reminiscent of Jeru The Damaja's "Come Clean". Craig comes in with a subdued, yet boisterous energy and gruff, slurred accentuated delivery and a tone reminiscent of Redman, the vibe is set and I was hyped for what felt like the beginning of something great, but quickly the rain put out my fire and enthusiasm for this record crumbled as the tracks droned on through a stale and dull chemistry which doesn't hold up against the better records of the era.

Firstly Craig's raps don't evolve beyond a funky fresh flavor filled braggadocio of 90s lingo and buzz words that cycle over and over, reminding us hes got the style and all other MC's don't. To be fair there's a bunch of great lines in this record, but they are far and few between. Craig drop's these lines in the midst of sluggish verses that roll through the same boasting topics over and over again. His chopped up flow and accentuated delivery build some excitement, quickly dampened by lyrics which lack substance. There's about one sniff of an interesting topic somewhere in the track listing but its too little to save the record from the bluster. 

Second, the beats, to be fair the production isn't half bad but lacks the polish and spark to stand merit on their own, and with Craig not bringing much to the table these samples and loops feel pretty stale as they cycle under an underwhelming performance. Overall its very much half and half, but with a lack of lyrical substance from Craig it becomes a disappointing and forgettable record I have little to say about.

Rating: 3/10