Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Dan Terminus "Stratospheric Cannon Symphony" (2014)

Although there is another record to devour in Dan Terminus's discography, this will be the last from me for now. Its his second full length and despite a lack of aesthetic difference it has a distinctly more EDM vibe than the previous leanings to the dark side. As much as I have enjoyed these records, there is something that just doesn't click quite like other musicians have done for me. Like on "The Wrath Of Code" its a warm and enjoyable listening experience, yet I walk away each time without an echo or melody stuck in the mind. 

Much like the albums cover, we tread into the lighter regions of dark music with a record that tingles with a cool frosty breeze as warm and inviting melodies play from the thick and chunky waveform electronic instruments which stack up in varying layers. As if on a drifting glacier, we warm ourselves in the sun of an otherwise frozen hell. As mentioned already, these melodies and leads rarely do much to forge a remarkable moment but simply dance around the broad, deep buzz saws and punchy drum kits that form the songs. "No Escape..." breaths some some life into the record with electronically distorted vocals and cleanly sung lines from two guest vocalists. Even then they are sparingly used on what is primarily instrumental music, something that could perhaps hold it back.

So I don't have too much more to say, some records are like this, its enjoyable in its moment but I don't feel anything deeper emanating from it. Perhaps there is too much reliance on the aesthetics of the instruments, which do set a vivid atmosphere, it is not backed by inspired melodies or musical direction. Instead what does occur seems to plod around in a moment moving aimlessly but looking pretty non the less.

Favorite Track: One Million Dead In 2.7 Seconds
Rating: 5/10

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