Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Liam Looper "Mental Projections" (2016)

This young Australian rapper is a Patreon of mine who sent me a link to his debut record that took over a year to make. With an obvious passion for rapping Liam has been at it for eight years, now only just fifteen years old. Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised with the tone and vibe of this record. Laid back, introspective and thoughtful rhymes over jazzy beats is my cup of tea. The closing track was also produced by Birocratic who's music we have discussed here before. Its interesting to hear rhymes over beats so solidified in familiarity without theme. I must say it was the other producers worked with that made the record shine.

Mental Projections is an honest and personal record from a young man working through his issues with words and rhymes whos rapping ambitions have become a part of his internal struggles. Its raw, intimate, heart-felt and authentic. This record might have not charmed me as much if it wasn't for the instrumentals which fit snugly into the sort of beats I like. Their are moments where the vocal experimentation and flow don't quite come off but on the flip side plenty of captivating rhymes, word play and the easy going style of rhymes makes it effortless to follow along with the train of thoughts. Its not often I hear an Australian rapper and I felt initially, and still with familiarity, that the accent works well in the flows where it naturally dominates the pronunciation but there are weaker moments where the influences of American rappers can be heard and it comes off jumbled between the two tongues.

 The production behind the rhymes are solid and come in a variety of themes, generally on a moodier, introspective scale but always, melodic, colorful and jazzy. An easy record to chill out and vibe with. "Bonethebeathead" provides a couple of tracks reminiscent of Down To Erf and "Tom Misch" steals the show with loving warm piano samples and the records best moment on "Home" where Liam's emotional struggles climax through dramatic rhymes amplified by a gorgeous guitar solo which breezes with the beat. For a young person I was surprised to hear such thoughtful lyrics and ideas articulated on a concrete level. His ambitions are clear and shows a wealth of potential to make something of his dreams. A charming record!

Favorite Tracks: Hello, Rain, Vote
Rating: 6/10