Monday, 8 August 2016

Birocratic "Julien Solomita" (2016)

Back with another small release, American producer Biro is at it again crafting a few more beats in his particular flavor of easy going Jazz Hop. Lively sampled drum loops and soothing instrumentals come together for this short three track which has no surprises in store. The mid track continues the development of vocal eccentric sampling, chopping and pitch shifting a singers words into indecipherable snippets that make up warming melodies. The first and last songs are fairly straight forward beats with sampling of what sounds like a 40s singer, although I'm really unsure how to describe the source. The first tack "Burner" feels far more fleshed out with a gorgeous Spanish guitar lead shimmering as the focus of a beat with atmosphere and depth, the vocal sampling plays second fiddle in the background, coming of more like an instrument on a track that hits the mark.

The opening track has a bit of flair, otherwise its fairly mediocre. With his style established I'm hoping for a full length from Biro with flair and substance. For now its another micro record clocking in at six and a half minutes that doesn't satisfy the itch. The best track also seems a little unfinished with no break of progression and simply fading out before the two minute mark its all over a bit too quick.

Favorite Track: Burner
Rating: 2/10