Monday, 19 September 2016

Navie D "Post EP" (2016)

Hailing from Toronto Canada, Navie D is a producer with a distinct, and to my ears, fresh take on Hip Hop instrumentals. "Post EP" is his second release and one with a consistent feel through the five tracks. It rolls at a slower pace with an emphasis on atmosphere and a less bombastic, more industrial take on percussion. The drum loops are programmed with a modern touch, shuffling hi hats show a subtle Trap influence but mostly the beats accommodate the surrounding music made of ambiguous sounds in a state of organic transformation. Its layered and stacked with minute details that blur the distinction between melody and rhythm as these songs progress to let singular moments of melody shine from within the dissonant shell.

Its an excellent execution of composition that has all sorts of creepy and eerie sounds drifting into the fold. You'll hear dogs barking, human voices malformed and chopped into the songs soundscape and on "NYC" a barrage of ghostly vocals pitch shifted, shuffled and thrown at the listener in a dizzying state. Some instruments and percussive noises have such an add tone I wouldn't be surprised to learn there were more voices at work in the mix. Its what gives this otherwise meaty and industrial construct an eerily organic and human vibe.

On paper it would seem like a dark and twisted experience but all that's at work is held on the lighter side of ambiguity. One feels like the observer of a strange curiosity unfolding without threat or worry. In between these peculiar unravelings moments of life occur as each track has its moment where an instrument can burst into life and illuminate the atmosphere with synthetic toned instruments playing bold melodies where the songs are normally devoid of something as distinct. On "Junkyard King" it takes the form of a ghetto whistle that manages to be as charming without playing a G-Funk vibe.

This short record really impressed me but it does make me wonder if a rapper could bring something more to it. Because the instrumentals are so distinct they are exciting and fresh but at the same time these instrumentals feel like they set the tone and leave a lot of room for something else to take the forefront. Either way this was a great listening experience.

Favorite Track: Junkyard King
Rating: 6/10