Thursday, 8 September 2016

Shape Of Despair "Monotony Fields" (2015)

With my recent curiosity into Doom Metal, through albums like Desire's "Infinity... A Timeless Journey Through An Emotional Dream" and Candlemass's "Nightfall" I was recommended Shape Of Despair, a Finnish Funeral Doom band who's debut has quite the reputation. After an eleven year gap between records "Monotony Fields" is another heavily praised record but unfortunately one I couldn't really enjoy or get into.

Its slow, punishing act of doom and gloom drawn out through lush textural instruments that didn't add up to more than its parts. I can however, very much appreciate what this record could do for someone else. It is aesthetically gorgeous in its own morose way but the life is sucked right out of the atmosphere by the crawling pace and stagnent progression. The guitars, synths and drums mostly feel the same from track to track, in their lethargic drifting presence the differences and subtleties fall mercy to the postponing nature of these songs.

The synths set the sombre tone for dense guitar distortions to bleed out with monstrous guttural vocals being stretched over lengthy riffs with a remarkable consistency. In its moments the lead melody can conveys some epic, or emotional context but it too falls mercy to the stagnation of slow repetition. The pallet is quite memorable but it feels uneventful beyond setting a mood. For me this record dives to far into slow gloomy atmospheres for me to stay with it. Although it has an interesting texture, their is no progression or events to keep my attention.

Rating: 3/10