Sunday, 6 November 2016

Birocratic "Replaced" (2016)

Following up on the disappointing "Julien Solomita" we have are second Birocratic release of the year and one that marks a distinct move into new territory with the pitch shifting, chopped and re-arranged vocal snippets becoming a thing of the past. With "Replaced" Biro indulges us in summery calming instrumentals echoing touches of Jazz, Soul and feel good music fleshed out with layers of detail for a dense colorful experience. Maybe for the first time the five tracks don't feel like they are here to accommodate rapped rhymes but command our attention as instrumental beats that are gorgeous in their lonesome.

The five fit well together, a summery laid back theme courses through each of the songs which have chilled tempos, while perusing a strong rhythmic presence. Steady kick and snare grooves take a spacious path with many snaps and claps percussive noises lining their path forward. Bass lines swell and strut around them, on "Don't Leave" it goes on the prowl climbing the fret board with style and jamming within its own space. Above the rich backbone lush summery synthesizers shimmer and dazzle with cosmic sounds radiating the space they fill around the lead instruments.

These are no simple constructs but fleshed out ideas dense with chemistry and notation. Each of the songs have a way of breathing in and out, finding the right moments to spark into life as rich layers of music converge. Between these blissful culminations the music can tone itself down, unwind a little and build towards the next passageway where several layers of percussive sounds can be heard firing under the growing layers of synthesizer all charming with their own melodic harmonies, forming a single moment.

The chemistry is astounding, the production lavish and swooning. The distancing from sample led production has landed Biro in a truly creative spot where his vision for these songs is coming together like a treat through a more orchestrated union of instruments, with details like rain, and birds chirping gently lining the tracks. There's little to fault on this record, maybe my only criticism is length. A string of short EPs and halfway records leaves one yearning for a full length record to treasure and if ever its part of Biro's plans to get a proper record released there may have been no better timing than this. These instrumentals are simply killing it with the vibes!

Favorite Tracks: Don't Leave, Slipout, Layback
Rating: 7/10

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