Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Regina Spektor "Remember Us To Life" (2016)

Its been quite some time since Ive checked in with Regina Spektor and its fantastic to hear she is still doing her thing. Born in Russia and raised in the Bronx, she was taught classical piano at a young age and with a fearless spirit for her music she emerged from local clubs and bars to take her music to the mainstream. With a soft, comfy and caring voice her quirky expressive style finds balance in wisdom and meaning with many of her lyrics providing warm insights as well as a sprinkle of humor in her turns of phrase.

On this record Regina has no shortage of inspiration, her words and keys are full of life and with a richer set of backing instruments they work splendidly on select songs to elevate the songs where perhaps the voice and piano may have been limited. "Remember Us To Life" has grander theatrics with the broad strings sections and lively drums kicking songs up a notch where they may but ultimately it is Regina who is the light of the show and she has many tales to tell.

The track listening is thick with songs that make themselves known, whether diving into her emotions, telling tales or remarking on observations, each song gets its point across so charming and eloquently. With heart warming highs on "The Visit" she sings of her re connection with and old friend from times gone by, so humble and genuine. "Obsolete" captivates me with its both haunting and beautiful pianos as Regina drifts like a spirit towards the void, singing of getting old and becoming less capable, a remarkable song. Between the introspection Regina makes social observations in her quirky nature, "What a strange world we live in, where the good are damned and the wicked forgiven" the music breaks with the words for a dose of sanity in an otherwise mischievous and crooked song where pharmacists and lawyers walk side by side.

I could go on, as I said every track is vividly mirrors its purpose with music, both gentle and lively, it becomes a theatrical album hard to take your ears off when Regina engages us with her thoughts. "Enjoy your youth... sounds like a threat" my favorite quote from an illuminated record which I could find little fault with, its all a treat to enjoy.

Favorite Tracks: Small Bills, The Trapper And The Furrier, Obsolete, Sellers Of Flowers, The Visit
Rating: 8/10