Friday, 30 December 2016

My Top 10 Music Discoverys In 2016

Another year rolls by and the musical journey continues in full effect. There could of easily been another ten artists Id like to see on this list but I had dwindle it down. 2016 Has been hectic with moving and full time youtube but Ive managed and caught some great live shows too, seeing the Savages twice, Korn & Deftones twice as well as their Nu Metal buddies Limp Bizkit. Babymetal, Black Sabbath, Periphery, Cypress Hill, Ministry, Enter Shikari, Bring Me The Horizon and most of all, finally got to see Death Grips! What a year. If you didn't catch my top ten albums of the year you can see it here.

(10) The Future Sound Of London

Although I'm yet to get deeper into their discography but their "Lifeforms" record was a fantastic experience in lucid music that could take many forms. A truly impressive feet of music I am glad to of discovered.

(9) Deafehaven

Their debut Sunbather didn't do it for me, I'm yet to give it a try again but "New Bermuda" really cracked it open for me, their genius revealed on a remarkable record. It would of made my top 10 had I listened to it last year.

(8) The Contortionist

Recommended by my buddy Rendog as one to listen to over and over till it hurts, I certainly gave it a good try, it was only later in the year when the dust had settled that I really grew to appreciate them and their new direction.

(7) Babymetal

Initially I dismissed them as a gimmick but how wrong I was, now I realize behind the front trio, who have great voices, are a set of great musicians pushing Metal in strange and new directions which are to be celebrated.

(6) Echo And The Bunnymen

Again I'm guilty of not getting further into a band but with just one record they have won me over as a terrific band and every time a song comes on shuffle I am always engaged. Making this list I know I'll have to put another on next years playlist.

(5) Kate Tempest

I'm guilty of passing up the opportunity to see her perform live, something to correct next year. Kate's mix of poetry, rap and spoken word is unique and expressive, both her albums so far have been fantastic and I hope she keeps progressing as an artist. There will be many good things to come.

(4) Kauan

Not as impressed with their back catalog but "Sorni Nai" maybe the closest thing to a modern masterpiece I can think of in recent memory. It wont be for everyone but the atmospheric doom based around the legend of the Dyatlov Pass incident it is truly engrossing.

(3) Dusty Springfield

 A household name to many, seeing Dusty's record praised in top lists all it took was one listen and I was hooked, "Dusty In Memphis" has since become one of my absolute favorites. Her voice has so much love and compassion it is always a joy to hear her sing.

(2) Savages

One of our brightest new bands, Savages really won me over with their sublime live shows and records to match. The Post-Punkers re-imagine a moment in time, bringing it back to life with new ideas, charisma and musical creativity it buckets. There records however cannot do the energy of their performances justice.

(1) Dead Can Dance

Ive always had a soft spot for music that reflects time and culture of the forgotten, ancient and perished. Dead Can Dance bring other worlds to life not only through music but through the voices of the duo who sing as if from different cultures and eras of history. A truly remarkable band who I need to continue with given their large output of records.