Friday, 16 December 2016

Suicidal Tendencies "World Gone Mad" (2016)

Mediocrity is currently the theme but its not surprising when getting to the older acts who released new material this year. Its usually the fresh faces that push boundaries and Suicidal certainly had their moment in history being the band to mix Hardcore and Thrash Metal, known as Crossover Thrash. Their song "Institutionalized" was a big hit on MTV, when MTV played music videos and a couple of their early records are considered genre classics. Singer Mike Muir is the only remaining original member on their 12th full length record which includes the recruitment of legendary Dave Lombardo of Slayer on drums, who does a solid job but little to save the record from its averages.

So the album opens with a real banger, "Clap Like Ozzy" a furious fast passed thrasher with a meaty base line rattling away under the high intensity guitars. Mike Muir does his usual thing but fails to make much of an impression beyond the title hook, most of the chorus / vocal hooks are in the title making for rather predictable moments. You could guess the records theme by the title alone and its no surprise that the lyrics delve into many problems of the world, however little insight is provided beyond pointing at apparent hypocrisys and madness observed.

Like many run of the mill records the best songs are loaded at the front and the initial thrashy, fist pumping energy gives way to a fair amount of acoustic moments which wind down the record with two finishing acoustic tracks which had potential to be far better. "Happy Never After" caught my attention with eerie Gothic guitar leads reminiscent of Christian Death but that was as out of the ordinary as things got. There not much more I can say, its passable, listenable, mostly forgettable but has a couple of exciting tracks to remember.

Favorite Tracks: Clap Like Ozzy, The New Degeneration, Living For Life, Get Your Fight On!
Rating: 5/10