Thursday, 23 March 2017

Wartime "Fast Food For Thought" (1990)

This obscure "side project" EP is the brainchild of bassist Andrew Weiss, who invites his fellow band mate Henry Rollins to lay down the vocals in his typical style. The duo are both from the Rollins Band however Wartime is a different beast, Rollins' unshakable style remains grounded over Weiss' instrumentals that take an Industrial, Funk laden, bass driven approach. Some of the core grooves can be heard in similarity to the pairs main ambition however "Fast Food For Thought" comes off as an unapologetic, noisy hash of idea's with a backbone of grooving funk.

Its aesthetic is of the age, dainty factory setting percussive tracks lined with bongo hits set the tempo for Weiss' monstrous distorted bass tones, dripping in texture with warping gurgles and snarling oscillations. It makes a racket, multiple baselines, some popped and slapped, a sprinkling of acoustic guitar licks and the occasional synth, samples make an overwhelming roaring backdrop for the man with the big mouth to direction your attention to the themes that inspired the food for thought.

Two years before "The End Of Silence" we hear Rollins defining his loud mouthed shouted vocal style at its inception. His tone, delivery and intense presence is a great match for the noisy instrumentals. The lyrical themes and words themselves are a little soft and obvious in terms of craft of rhyme. The topics and points made are certainly worth your time but the poetry is stitched together with obvious, simplistic links that have Rollins sounding like a 90s parody rapper in some respects, despite the words having a measure of weight to them.

The whole thing plays like a singular track with no break in tone, consistency or texture. Its very upfront, immediate and riddled with "dated" sounds but that's part of the charm of digging out this forgotten relic from one of my favorite bands. In a way it feels like some great ideas were born here, with Rollins' vocal style evolving and Weiss' burgeoning riffs amping the duo for their greatest collaboration when returning to Rollins Band in 92. Well worth your time if your a fan.

Favorite Tracks: Right To Life, The Whole Truth
Rating: 6/10


  1. WOW my friend used to force this down my throat every time we did an all nighter lol i cant say im the biggest rollins fan but there were times when it really hit the spot. You suprise me once again X first slayer earlier this week and now this. Haha keep up the good work im interested to see what other metal ur into. Cheers... Chris

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    2. If you'd like to know what Metal i like check out the genres on the side of the page :-)