Friday, 10 November 2017

Fief "III" (2017)

A wave of excitement took over as news of the third Fief record graced my inbox. It was the sort of enthusiasm for familiarity that has since been my focal point of thought beyond enjoying the alluring atmosphere of the record. Fief graciously invites us to relax in the luscious gardens of kings and queens, courting in the magical fantasy lands of yonder. It was precisely what I had expected and hoped for, another swooning set of short songs to indulge in. Visions of jesters, minstrels and dancers entertaining their masters in cordial company or a young adventurer, journeying through the forests of friendly creatures and ancient fairy tales, Fief sets the tone perfectly for an ancient world of eternal wonder without worry or fear.

I however find myself distracted by the lack of evolution or expansion in the sound, I am always interested in new sounds, ideas and for exploration into what music can offer. Had I listened to this directly after I and II I may have found myself disappointed but the distance in time has been healthy for my apatite. Fief is executing this idea, this vision with brilliance and there is no complaint on my behalf, I am perhaps all too aware of my own attention span, that eventually I will exhaust this fruitful experience and wish for something new.

For now though I have really been enjoying the immersion into this fantasy realm, pleasant, bright, uplifting and soothing its the perfect soundtrack for relaxing and letting your mind wonder. With no major change in sound it is once again a typical affair of layering lush instruments together with inspired melodies alongside the occasional tambourine shuffling percussion. The songs can build and fall, with up to five instruments singing together at once, and in calmer moments a single lead instrument can path the way, whats nice is the fluctuation, the elevating and calming of songs lets its best melodies charm you when the songs reach their respective peaks. At thirty minutes this is the strongest installment yet!

Rating: 7/10