Sunday, 3 December 2017

Danzig "Danzig" (1988)

I'd never had much luck getting into the Misfits and if it wasn't for Rick Rubin's involvement producing this record Id probably of passed up diving into the solo material of an artist from a band I'm yet to vibe with. Named after front man Glenn Danzig, this four piece outfit revolve around their singer, songwriter who disbanded the Misfits six years earlier. His intent was to take his musically seriously, something he couldn't do with his former band mates and so he formed "Samhain", a band with a very similar image, using the same iconic font, following themes of horror and the occult in its imagery. The success of that band landed him a record deal with Rick Rubin's newly formed American Records and this is the resulting debut for both band and label, considered by many as a classic.

Danzig's voice and personality are the focal point of this record, its charm, atmosphere and attitude all swell from a creative force not heard like this before. Once an angry shout soaring over distortion guitars, Glenn tones down the format for a Hard Rock, grungy Blues Rock beast that has him singing with soul and passion over lightly overdriven guitars that kick blocks of chomping Heavy Metal groove between the mood of bluesy classic six string, plucked and strum chords arrangements.

 The blend of styles is warm and inviting, making for songs with a bit of bite and strength between its hard Blues Rock tone. Danzig's singing brings the record to life with his lower vocal range illuminating the feeling in his poetry. The riffs, words and arrangements all add up here on a lively record that's broken up neatly with Heavy Metal guitar solos tinged in a Southern Rock tone. The production is crisp for the era, the drums have an especially nice padded tone about them and it all culminates in a solid record with no weak points, an obviously classic but a style I am still becoming accustom to.

Favorite Tracks: Am I Demon, Mother
Rating: 8/10