Sunday, 31 December 2017

My Top 10 Music Discoverys In 2017

Its been a difficult list to write up, had to shorten fifteen or so down to ten and that is after I decided to remove artists that featured in My Top Albums Of 2017 post. Its been a hectic year and I think it may be time to tune out from some of the mediocre Metal bands Ive kept up with and dedicate some more time to discovering new sounds! These are my favorite discoveries this year.

(10) DMX

Not a name that's new to me and of course I heard Party Up and other classics plenty of times before but I decided to get through some of these records that dominated the charts towards the end of the record industries stranglehold on music. I'm glad I did so, not the greatest records ever but X has a charm and every album had a couple of great tracks to return to.

(9) Post-Malone

Although I've not been to impressed by his debut album I think Post-Malone shows a wealth of potential as a musician developing a new sound that's really engrossing with over the top relaxing and chilled out vibes. These songs are still growing on me and with a new album is on the way I find myself really anticipating his next move!

(8) Austra

The best of this band comes from their debut Feel It Break, the combination of Kraftwerk-alike melodies in simple electronic arrangements with Stelamnis's hypnotic vibrato voice makes for easy going, uplifting music with a strong current of emotional value attached to it. Great discovery but unfortunately It seems as if they might not reach this peak again.

(7) Oranssi Pazuzu

Inching open the Metal horizon even further Oranssi Pazuzu bring dark, abysmal psychedelia to Post-Black Metal with a freighting stroke of genius resulting in harrowing, grisly soundscapes that are completely unworldly. My cup of tea! I still very much love to turn on their seventeen minute epic song from time to time for another trip into the depths of abandon.

(6) Milk Teeth

This is just the right shade of Grunge for my taste, although in this Internet age they may come off like a nostalgia act, Milk Teeth are very much their own band with a strong emotional energy and ear for aesthetic noise that elevates many of their songs with wild noisy energy emanating from their guitars in the songs peaks. The latest release did seem a little turned off from that direction but I'm hoping they can turn it around!

(5) Puppy

Ive had the pleasure of seeing them twice this year and both shows were fantastic! Puppy are an up and coming band pulling in all strains of influence from Metal, Grunge, Hard Rock and Alternative resulting in warm music with fun songs, grooves and dazzling guitar solos from Jack Norten are the cherry on the cake! They are also working on a new record to look forward to in 2018.

(4) Fief

Plucked from the past, this gem of medieval fantasy nostalgia is the most inviting and easy going project to grace my ears this year! It casts its spell instantaneously and paints a pretty picture of garden courts and tea parties in the realms of kings and dragons. A simply wonderful discovery!

(3) Load & Reload

Its time to break the rules! Although this section is usually reserved for new bands, I had to put these records in. In a way it felt like discovering Metallica again for the first time, a treasure trove was unlocked in two excellent albums that I had dismissed in my youth, and now I get to relish in the energy they bring. I simply cannot get these albums out of my head! They are wonderful and reflectively a really great direction for the band to evelve in.

(2) Puff Daddy

Everyone who grew up in the nineties knows of Puff Daddy but I had always been put off by his whispering voices on songs he had produced for other artists. Remembering a vivid memory of picking this album up as a child in a record store I decided to check this out and what a treat! This album is the epitome of the late 90s sound which has really grown on me over the years. I adore this record, a real classic!

(1) Danzig

As much as I'm loving the Danzig sound I have to admit my appreciation is partially analytical, I understand whats fantastic about the music but I feel as if I'm playing catch up. It will take some time to drill these songs into my mind but already I feel as if this would of been perfect music to bond with in your youth. I'm on the third record now and its just a great! I've read the first four are where its at so more Danzig to enjoy in 2018!

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  1. A well deserved first! Although he has been my fav for years, you have inspired me to take another look at some of the songs I previously disliked and I am happy to report there have been some surprises. Thanks for the continuous thoughtful listening and musical inspiration.