Sunday, 22 April 2018

Drudkh "Їм часто сниться капіж" (2018)

Hailing from deep within the endless forests of eastern Europe, Ukraine Black Metal outfit Drudkh release a full length album named in their mother tongue, translated it reads "They often see dreams about the spring". With five lengthy track of bleak, chromatic droning I got more of a sense of looming death at the hands of mother nature than the blossom of spring. Its long sprawling riffs shred shrill tones in a constant tumble of bleak grinding that when put in focus seems all to abrasive. Little charm emerged from its foundations, moments of respite through acoustics and the calming entrance of synths sparked some interest in brief shifts of tone but mostly its a drab and pale affair.

In the right mood this chromatic droning can be rather indulging and relaxing. The constant rumbling of the drums and the high tremble bass guitar plodding away becomes hypnotic as the textural shifts and directional changes seem to magnify with a sense of epic proportion. Stepping back from its harsh and ugly aesthetic doesn't leave one with many impressionable moments other than its break aways, like a singular moment in the middle of the third track. The harsh, angular grinding of steep riffs seems to fall wayside to a deep uprising of male choral voices upon soft synth that buries the guitar and elevates the music to a wondrous place. The following track dabbled a little with this too and the penultimate track has an epic conclusion as synths help elevate its climactic end to soaring heights.

Unfortunately for me, too much of the record is based around its harsh, unforgiving approach to atmosphere and so my attention doesn't serve it well. The most enjoyable moments came from synths and choral sounds that would overwhelm the guitar, soften the tone and elevate the mood but it was far and few between. I hold this band in high regard, I appreciate their approach to the genre and I will continue to be curious about their records even if its not quite for me it has been worth my time.

Rating: 5/10

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