Monday, 29 October 2018

Monstrosity "The Passage Of Existence" (2018)

When I first started exploring Death Metal, the Florida based group Monstrosity were one of a slew of bands that never held my attention for too long. They joined the scene in 92, around the peak of that first wave of bands. Since then they have been sparingly releasing albums every three to four years however its been eleven since their last effort Spiritual Apocalypse. That absence has not hindered their competence as a band in putting together a new record yet for all its decency I couldn't find much to draw me in closer. It has all the crisp and audible delights of modern production but its styling and songwriting is a little lost by the ages. Not to knock it, but It doesn't feel as exciting in comparison to when you hear this approach in music for the first time.

The record is loaded with a constant roll of tight and gnarly riffs. The chemistry between the drummer and rhythm guitarist is fantastic, lots of choppy technicalities lining the assault with brutal flavorings of groove and thrash from the rhythm guitar, always with a rapid, dexterous beat to match. The lead guitar sounds slick and lean, the songs frequent climatic moments for them to rise above and duel in tandem, flexing all the old tricks and wild sounding techniques. That is unfortunately a point of concern. The vocals are a dull drone, the same guttural tone grunts and groans at the same consistency and intensity throughout. It rarely compliments the dynamics of the music itself, even when shifting gears with an elongated roar.

The sound is generally encroaching on the Technical and Brutal sub-genres but given how developed those sounds are nothing comes of with a surprise. The guitar solos are attention grabbing and elaborate but as iterated above, its all been heard before. If you want the 90s sound then here you have got it. As already said, this is a competent band however they are spinning something I am just not interested in. For all the merit I can give it with my observations, It did little to draw me in or get the blood flowing. I can't think of a single song or moment that peaked my interest. Its all just to safe and cliche of the style. Nothing awful or off key, just not for me.

Rating: 4/10


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