Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Dizzee Rascal "Don't Gas Me" (2018)

I really enjoyed Raskit released last year. It signaled a return to form from the UK veteran and this five track digital EP may even top it. Don't Gas Me gives off carefree vibes, artists having fun with the craft and enjoying the moment. If there was curation involved or not, these five songs are tight and precise, giving nothing but the goods. Firm instrumentals and keen rhymes let each tracks theme emerge with ease as Dizzee brings on some excellent features for the last three of five songs.

An almost cliche 90s Dance beat opens up the record with the title track. Its pumping energy, slapping claps give way to night time sirens and a dirty obnoxious synthetic base that grooves to its own accord. When Dizzee gets into his rhymes its all fun and games built on a firm flow, throwing in fun, silly rhymes about appletizer and getting his car clamped. Deeper into the track he reinforces the playful nature with goofy high pitched rhymes on the end of a string of words. Its greatly amusing while showing off his talent and ability to make great music.

Quality makes for a great follow up track as the instrumental pulls on summery 90s sounds and Dizzee gets more serious with introspective lyrics that drops into bursts of rapid rhymes. He sounds fantastic, on form. The features start with Skepta who I last heard on More Life. The two exchange verses but I think its the younger generation, P Money and especially C Cane who impress. Their youthful energy and opertunity to reach new ears plays up some fantastic flows and rhymes from the both of them.

The closing track swings things back to where it began with another 90s Dance beat and punchy synthetic base lines. Some subtle Dub vibes are brought to light as Afronaut Zu lights up the track with Reggae inflicted singing in the chorus. All in all its a fantastic but brief encounter that has a carefree Dizzee orchestrating some easily enjoyed tracks to keep fans happy until the next full length project. Wwith more songs attached this could of easily been that. These are no b-sides here.

Favorite Track: Spin Ya
Rating: 6/10

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