Friday, 14 February 2020

Napalm Death "Logic Ravaged By Brute Force" (2020)

My excitement brews as alas it would seem the British Grindcore legends Napalm Death are inching closer to a new full length after line up changes and delays in coordination. Its been five years since Apex Predator, a record that has remained a disappointment in my mind for being all to sterile and lacking some mania and chaos that often sparks the magic in their music. The good news is this two track teaser EP shows promise! Although it only has the one original song, a grim, visceral cover of White Kross by Sonic Youth. It is a fitting match to this new tone and musical balance the group have brought together for their newest installment of madness.

Logic Ravaged By Brute Force plays to the bands strengths and atmospheric ability. Dissonance and a bludgeoning wall of sound brings about a crushing sound that doesn't over state itself with crisp production or over pronounced instruments. The drums are dense, a thick tone thats punishing, striking without overpowering. Beside them guitars navigate through the weaving of plucked high strings and snaky low end riffage that is forever unsettled. Its vibe is restless, below the music is driven by its baselines, pounding things forward. Above it all Barney howls in unending fury!

The song doesn't reach a conclusion, it bubbles and boils but no outbreak or slamming riff arrives, instead it revels in the tension. The bands aversion to chaotic moments of outburst are one of my favorite distinctions however with this track it feels like the right call. The songs tension simmers away as its brought to the edge. Its only one track but my reaction is that Napalm Death have pivoted to an atmosphere driven approach of tension and unease. With this powerful studio production the aesthetic is firmly in place to produce a fine record with this teaser track mustering my apatite!

Rating: 3/10