Saturday, 2 May 2020

The Black Dahlia Murder "Verminous" (2020)

These darlings of Deathcore from back in the day have fallen far from my radar as I intentionally avoid the less appetizing bands within the plethora of Metal Ive listened to in decades past. The American outfit always had a stronger leaning towards traditional styles of extremity, however in current form it seems they have shed all Metalcore influence in favor of a classic reminiscent of old school and Melodic Death Metal. 

Verminous is a fair, thirty five minute ride, clocking ten tracks all around the three to four minute mark. Its fast, momentous and too the point. A clattering of technical and intense drumming gives it a gritty edge alongside the singers snarling howls and throaty gasps of aggressive shouting. The guitar and bass have a solid warmness, consistently throwing in melodic inflections and tunes from the flavorful lead guitar. They provide much of what is memorable as bursts of color give these songs identity.

It resonates well over a rhythm guitar which leaves much to be desired. Its arsenal of power chords and palm mute chugging fails to excite. Shifting into grinds and moments of intensity, its mostly the hammering of blast beats and double pedals that carry the music forward to the next melody. The records best songs come in its closing, drawing out some serious Carcass vibes in moments but with little original going on here it could remind you of plenty of bands from within the scene.

Favorite Tracks: The Wereworm's Feast, Dawn Of Rats
Rating: 5/10