Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Top 10 Music Discoverys In 2014

Its been a great year for music. I've seen a lot of live music and caught some amazing anniversary shows, like Emperor playing the whole of "In The Nightside Eclipse" ans Nas at Lovebox playing "Illmatic". Also got to see Sikth, Metallica, Eminem, Dog Eat Dog and Limp Bizkit a couple of times too. Theres countless more but seeing two of my all time favorite albums played in full was really something. I foolishly missed out on seeing Linkin Park play "Hybrid Theory" in full and Smashing Pumpkins with Marilyn Manson in London, but no need to dwell on the missed opportunities, next year I will aim to take them all! Beyond live music I've broadened my horizons and discovered more fantastic music, this list covers my top 10 new discoveries over the year, for my top 10 albums of 2014 click here.

(10) Kendrick Lamar
I was never expecting to find much in the way of modern Hip Hop, but this artist had what was great about the old and the new rolled into one. It gave me a better understanding and appreciation of the new era. ive since found myself enjoying a lot more Hip Hop from our current time.

 (9) Skee-Lo
Not the greatest of rappers, but Skee-Lo's style and sound is prime 90s, and I love 90s Hip Hop, after expansively exploring this era over the last few years there are not many leaves left to turn over, but Skee-Lo was a hidden gem that had some how alluded me, much like Kriss Kross possibly because of short lived commercial success at the time.

(8) Chelsea Wolfe
Simply a brilliant musician, Chelsea's dark and haunting psychedelic folk paints her a unique sound to my ears that is a welcome discovery, but one I have neglected to take beyond "Pain Is Beauty", must listen to more of her albums in 2015!

(7)  First Aid Kit
I've said a lot about these two already, my favorite album of 2014, and beyond that their other records are enjoyable too. A great discovery recommended by a reader here at the blog.

(6) Depeche Mode
Known about this band for as long as I can remember, but finally had some encouragement to give them a listen and found that I very much like what they are about. With such a large discography I'm sure I will be listening through their albums for some time to come.

 (5) Ministry
I've known about Ministry for a long long time, even listened to ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ a couple of times but this year their music just clicked for me. I brought a 5 album bundle at bargain price and never looked back. Incredible energy and anger in their music, my favorite discovery from my dive into Industrial Music.

(4) The Art Of Noise
"The Seduction Of Claude Debussy" Is a blinding album, it fit a niche for something I had always wanted to hear, a joining of old and new, Classical and Opera colliding with Jungle and DnB. The record itself is no experiment, this is a masterful execution and expression that utilizes the qualities of each and brings them together in unison, beyond the album they have a few other songs I like and have been a rewarding discovery.

(3) Marilyn Manson
I've been familiar with Marilyn's music since my youth, all my friends liked him, but for some reason it has taken me 15 years to get it, but its well worth the wait. Manson has his own genius and he flaunts it through his angry, rebellious music that has plenty of food for thought. I've really connected to his music and I'm eagerly anticipating a new album from him in 2015.

 (2) Marvin Gaye
I was drawn to the TV after hearing extracts from "Kind Of Blue" to find a great albums of past show, after Miles Davis came Marvin's "What's Going On" album. It stuck a nerve with me immediately, and I found myself at the mercy of his soulful voice which appealed to me through the subject matter. He could talk about our deep rooted societal issues, but package them with a warm reflection and positive perspective that spoke to me deeply. I brought the record instantly and it has been spun countless times since.

(1) The Smashing Pumpkins
Undoubtedly my favorite discovery this year, and maybe of the last few. Their a band I've always known of, but really had no idea what their about. After watching a documentary about them, it clicked, and listening through their albums one by one I've realized Billy Corgan is a musical genius and one I connect with. His sound is brilliant and unique, bringing influences from across the spectrum of Rock, Metal, Grunge and Alternative, but blending it all together and painting songs in his own color. I've enjoyed there first 4 records tremendously and theres still more to come.