Sunday, 31 August 2014

Chelsea Wolfe "Pain Is Beauty" (2013)

This "review" is premature, i often like to reach a point with a record where i feel the music well and understand it. Right now I'm excited and drunk on the nectar of a new sound, a new niche has been carved in my mind. I don't yet fully understand it, but I'm entranced by its beauty and want to share it with the world.

The music of Chelsea Wolfe was recommend to me by a friend and all i know of her at this point is her music. She's got a stunning, ghostly voice with much passion and sadness that drifts like morning fog trough instrumentals so curiously poised between contrasting instrumentation that paints its own eerie and haunting place in time. This record has as a listening experience has been fruitful with 12 deep, rich and varied songs that are a pleasure for keen ears.

Juxtaposition is the theme that hits me hard on these tracks. There is a unique balance in the song writing, where the uplifting, more positive instruments can be offset by a contrasting sound or use of re-verb / low-fi recording techniques to create an eerie and unsettling undercurrent found throughout the songs in this album. Chelsea's ethereal voice soaks these tracks with emotional deeps that give me goosebumps every time. The instrumentals here are unlike anything I've heard before, and her voice trumps it all.

Favorite Tracks: We Hit A Wall, The Warden, Sick, Kings
Rating: 8/10