Monday, 18 August 2014

Monstercat "018 - Frontier" (2014)

I wouldn't say I'm a fan of dubstep. Theres much i like about it, for example the aesthetics of the grooving bass wobbles, squeaky clean production and in general the flexibility of electronic music. However most dubstep i have listened to as felt so stale and limited, i would call it "skrillex worship", mainly mimicking the techniques used in his records with not much artistic intention. This record is certainly not that, which was what i expected when it started of with a poppy tune with an uninspiring drop, however as the songs progress through compilation there is a nice variety of dub styles and some very enjoyable tracks with the occasional swing into the drum step genre. What was enjoyable for me was the variety and presence of true musicianship in a genre plagued with amateurs using VST presets. There are a couple of darker tracks with some distorted guitar too, something i always gravitate to. Overall this listen made me feel like I've been looking in the wrong places for electronic music.

Favorite Tracks: Moving On, Breakdown, Night After Night, Gunmetal Black
Rating: 4/10


  1. Dubstep and club house , these genres follow the same patterns of other music from the same type , first comes the warm up with an increasing build up and then a slight drop followed by and increase and the drop with some bass mixed into it . I personally like drumstep and dark electro dubstep because it keeps it self contained to a sound/sounds and makes a better composition . My favorite song is this one : i like it because it has a more gaming type of feel , and the voice parts add more to the song it self , combining the sounds in the beginning better , you should listen to it X , hope you like it ;)

  2. lapfoxtrax is a great label, that features hundrets of styles, made by 1 guy and it is mostly techno stuff. I'm sure Renard (the owner of lapfox trax) eill change your mind about electrinic music

  3. X, since you seem to be a fan of EDM style music, but don't necessarily enjoy dubstep, here are a few songs from my two current favorite EDM genres, neurofunk and hardstyle.

    Also, especially for HS, be sure that you have something that can produce a good bass, since the bass kicks are one of the main things of HS...

    Black Sun Empire - Drizzle:
    Mindscape - Brightness:
    Enei - One chance (Emperor reMix)

    Headhunterz - Dragonborn (a wonderful HS remix of Skyrim theme)
    Brennan Heart - Just as easy (contains slight profanity, contains the f-bomb twice)
    Conrox - Sweet Dreams (are made of this) (Conrox Hardstyle Remix):
    Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger hardstyle remix:
    DJ Zany & MC DV 8 - Anthem:
    The Beholder and DJ Zany - Bleeding for harder styles:

    Also, there are decently active-ish subreddits for both styles, so you can check them out for more if you are intrigued.

  4. For the record, Monstercat is a record company or a publisher of different styles of EDM, so the Frontier album is a mash up of different song by artists that they have signed to them or just released a song under their channel. Also BIIG fan of Monstercat and you, It's really nice to see that you listen to the same music as I do!

  5. Only 10 of the 30 songs on 018 were dubstep and drumstep, the rest were other EDM genres. The only genre you can really give the album as a whole is EDM. :P

    I love EDM as a whole because it has so much potential. Artists are able to do literally anything they want with their music, and they don't need fancy instruments to play the music or big record labels to release it, they can just produce it on a computer and sell (or give it away) on the internet. This leads to a lot of mediocre music, but to a lot more artistic variation on the whole.

    Here's a bunch of recomendations for EDM albums you might want to check out. Maybe you could just listen to my favorite track from each and decide if you want to hear the rest.

    Approaching Nirvana - Evolve: An album full of epic buildups and orchestral elements.
    Favorite Track: Fortissimo (House with orchestal elements)

    Approaching Nirvana - Animals: A more modern electronic sound.
    Favorite Track: Virtual Is Where We Live (House with chiptune/8bit elements. Plus it's basically about minecraft. :3)

    Klaypex - Loose Dirt: An old school melodic dubstep album.
    Favorite Track: Rain (Dubstep)

    Klaypex - Anything Goes: An album blending all sort of EDM genres, as well as other styles.
    Favorite Track: Lighting up the Dark (Chillstep)

    Lindsey Stirling - Lindsey Stirling: A blend of EDM and violin.
    Favorite Track: Stars Align (House)

    Lindsey Stirling - Shatter Me: Her second album develops the EDM side of her sound quite a bit.
    Favorite Track: Shatter Me (Dubstep)

    MitiS - Born EP: MitiS makes some of the most melodic and best produced EDM out there.
    Favorite Track: MitiS and MaHi - Blu (Chillstep)

    MitiS - Touch EP: More MitiS goodness.
    Favorite Track: Breezes (DnB (Drum and Bass))

    MaHi - Revival EP: MaHi is has a more chill and melodic style than MitiS, although he tried out some more intense stuff on this EP.
    Favorite Track: Arcus (DnB)

    Savant - Protos: Savant doesn't believe in genres. This album blends rock, EDM, orchestral, and chiptune elements together into one big ridiculous space themed album.
    Favorite Track: Rise Up (Dubstep/Rock/Classical? I don't even.)

    I think that's enough for now. :3 I'm also a huge music fan and most of the music I like is EDM, so I know a lot of good EDM.

    BTW my top 4 on 018 are Pure Sunlight, Valkyrie, Soldiers, and You & Me. ;)

  6. On this website called in the this is the only album that ends up playing XD