Saturday, 16 August 2014

Dimmu Borgir "Spiritual Black Dimensions" (1999)

For my first post it would be only fitting to start with my favorite record, When i was a teen i was into the nu-metal and hip hop that MTV & VH1 were pushing at the time, but curiosity got hold of me when a friend in an online community pushed me in the direction of extreme metal, Dimmu Borgir, Meshuggah & Emperor for example were some of the bands i started taking an interest in. I was completely taken back by the extremity of force and aggression used in this music, it was unlike anything i was used to and it didn't take me long to become fascinated with it. This record was my 2nd or 3rd Borgir record i ordered from nuclear blast over the internet, and having only heard the opening track before i was quite shocked by the wall of sound that bombarded my ears at first listen, it took me a few more to adjust and behind that symphonic wall of sound was a musical masterpiece that, by my speculation, goes unnoticed even within the bands own fan base.

This album is 9 tracks of dark and blissful, majestic musical compositions that inspire awe and wonder every time i listen to it. The themes and sounds explored in this record are other worldly, and resonate a vibe of a place lost between life and death, it goes to a place no other record does. The music is directed by some powerful and deep lyrical content that really melds with the music. The overall sound of this album is crisp and warm with that "wall of sound" feel. The guitars are solid and packed with fantastic riffage, Astennu's lead guitar work on this record ads a haunting and chaotic flair, something i miss in later Dimmu records. To accompany all thats good I've said so far, the piano and synth work on this record is sublime and is the backbone of what makes this such a special listening experience, there are countless "moments" in this record of which Mustis's elegant key work is usually the highlight. The song structure across this album is mixed, and it feels like the band know exactly what there doing when they chose to progress or stick to simpler structures. Overall there is plenty on offer on all fronts here.

I doubt anyone reading this will enjoy this record as much as i have, but i assure you there is something very magical happening within those waves of sound bombarding your ears... let me leave you with a quote from my favorite song on this album, and of all time :-)

"Oh, dreadful angel of mine
Enrich me with the vastness of your being
Rigid father, teach me how to comprehend
I'll commit myself to understand
 For i am the accomplice"

Favorite Songs: All
Rating 10/10