Friday, 22 August 2014

Erang "Another World Another Time" (2013)

If i remember correctly, I discovered the music of Erang through a PM on youtube. This was just when Erang released his first album and it is always nice to get a recommendation, but its something a bit more special when you can communicate with the artists directly, one of the many great things about this internet age. Since then i have closely followed and enjoyed everything hes released.

I picked this album to review because its my favorite, make sense right? Its also the most important Erang record from my perspective. On this record the musical themes and sounds of  the "Tome era", the ambient, eerie dungeon synth, evolve, flourish and become much more matured. This progression continues with the next two albums, but for me here is where it started.

Dungeon Synth is an unrealized genre, for its untimely history and nieche. I find it difficult to describe in words where this music goes, probably because it is "other worldly" and ancient. The appeal is in the mystery of what and where these forgotten places are, and Erang on this album and beyond really expands on where this genre can go.

Favorite Tracks: The Kingdom Of Erang, The Foresters Grandson, Forever Lost In An Endless Dream
Rating: 6/10