Thursday, 5 March 2015

Gru "Cosmogenesis" (2010)

How did I discover this record? I actually have no recollection of how I found my way to it, but I do remember the instant gratification and connection I felt. "Gru" is a mysterious one man band musician from Poland who put out this masterpiece of Progressive Metal in 2010 and has since ceased any communications to the music community of his current activities. With no known identity there is no telling of the reasons behind his silence, I hope that the reasons are not fatal, for Gru has shared with us something timeless and beautiful with this peach of a record that in its short 34 minute length has never failed to delight and inspire.

"Cosmogenesis" is a lavish helping of inspired progressive bliss that shows off the skills of Gru's accomplished guitar manipulation, intertwining tight, technical Djent rhythms with organic, sweeping melodic scale shredding that weeps melodies and grooves movement that has two musical forces working in unison. The leads are bright and polished, continually sailing through seas of notes that blaze past at soaring speeds in what feels like a never ending solo. From track to track this lead presence is awe inspiring, shifting gears between drawn out bends, notes, harmonics and charging into sweep picked shreds and lightning fast playing that memorizes both technically and musically. The rhythm guitar is tight and audacious, performing complex time signatures with a forceful Djent that maintains clarity and understanding without diving too deep into the big distortions it could achieve. Its a solid backbone for the melodic adventure that unfolds above it, and on closer inspection you can often hear the two complimenting one another with the subtleties in timing.

For all thats written, descriptive or technical, its hard to describe the emotional response to this record. Its deeply satisfying, a sort of memorizing state is achieved as Gru sucks you into his universe of blissful sound that has a strong sense of character and theme, one which feels like space, looking to the stars in wonder. This is emphasized by the title and track listing no doubt. I've listened to this one over and over and it simply never tires. The production here is sublime in terms of guitar tones and general aesthetic. Theirs the presence of drum kit from hill, so common in one man bands but it fails to deter. Gru composes thoughtful fills and grooves that add a fair amount to the sound, as well as airy, spacey synths and electronic sounds that linger in the reveb. Its a beautiful record that I return to over and over. Hopefully one day we will hear more from Gru, a second album would be heaven.

Favorite Tracks: Pulsar, Stellar, Aurora, Andromeda
Rating: 9/10