Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sithu Aye "Invent The Universe" (2012)

Sithu Aye, pronounced see-too-ah is the name of this young Burman guitarist who is currently residing in Scotland where he performance and produces lively, jubilant uplifting Progressive Metal similar in style to pioneering acts like Animals As Leaders, Gru or Periphery, taking the Djent metallic foundations laid down by Meshuggah in a melodic direction, showcasing some of the best young talents in modern Metal guitar shredding. Sithu brings us an indulgent record of appealing tracks with plenty polyrhythmic grooves, audacious guitar leads and solos, airy synths and a helping of acoustic flair. This spacey themed record was instantly gratifying as a fan of this musical direction Metal guitarists are taking.

Sithu brings us into the record gently with ringing guitar notes and climactic strings that transition into glitched electronic beats concluding with the introduction of the guitar with its first Progressive riffage as the programmed drums and soft bass power us into the rhythm guitars impressive cohesion with the lead, expressing some layered ideas before momentary electronic glitches throw us into an adventurous, empowering guitar solo. From here on the album crusades through riffs and leads before brining in some bright reverb soaked acoustics to jam with a tight bass and drum groove. It sets the tone for whats to come and alongside a continual evolution of guitar work some lighter electronics decorate the outer layers of the music with subtle layers and rhythmic amplification best heard on the beginning of "Baryogenesis".

Each time the record plays through its a delight, passages of progressive unraveling riffage and tireless soloing that feels inspired every time. Theres a few grabbing moments where Sithu's riff's and leads strike a nerve but mostly he stands in a shadow cast by his counterparts in the scene. Without bringing anything distinctively different a lot of this falls in a comfort zone, but its one of positivity as the quality of his expressions are easily approached for fans of this melodic Djent style thats evolving. The production is equally impressive with the inclusion of electronic instruments, but as always the drum machine can be left. Sithu opts for a lot of tight breezy rolls and fast pedal blasts that feel mechanical and stiff as a lack of volume randomization amplifies the perfection in timing. Terrific record, a lack of surprises but a genuine talent, one I will be following closely.

Favorite Tracks: Grand Unification, Expansion, Recombination
Rating: 6/10