Monday, 17 August 2015

Adrian Von Ziegler "Wanderer" (2011)

Adrian Von Ziegler is a Switz composer who has gained popularity for his music through the Youtube platform. Adrian composes compassionate, scenic, neoclassical ambient music that touches on Scandinavian folk, nature, mythology and fantasy themes of that variety. Upon first hearing his music I knew instantly it was for me and of the twelve plus records I picked up this was the one to jump out at me first and I'm hooked.

I will summarize "Wanderer" up quickly, its an ambient, atmospheric record consisting of three twenty minute songs that settle a natural, harmonious mood and drift on through with melodies and tunes poised for depth and meaning, while remaining subtle and calming. Progression is irrelevant, the songs hold a moment in time, a feeling without trying to climax and break the mode. Its quite simply wonderful and charming.

The execution is remarkable, Adrian breaths life into these songs with the sounds of bird chirping, rivers flowing, soft winds, the squawk of crows in the distance and the occasional owl. Alongside soft and lush stringed, plucked instruments and gentle synthesizers composed with love and care, these songs come to life on a "go to" record for relaxation, ambiance or that need for a natural connection to the beauty of nature.

Rating: 7/10