Monday, 3 August 2015

Birocratic "Beets" (2012)

Beets, exactly what you can expect from this short record, just not the edible kind. The play on words, or word, sets a straight to the point tone that lets the music speak for itself on this small collection of instrumentals by Birocratic, an American Hip Hop producer from New York City. How I found my way to this project I am unsure, but no doubt it has something to do with the obvious Nujabes influence that takes hold of a couple of tracks on this one, feeling like carbon copies, emulating his distinctive mix up of bright, jazzy piano hooks and bouncy drum loops.

 As a whole this record is very much a short appetizer showcasing static instrumentals that for the most part have little progression or change beyond the initial samples and concept. It holds the listening experience back, but one is still to be charmed by the dazzling chemistry of loud punchy kicks and snares that bouncy back and forth with airy jazzed up samples. Biro shows two sides of himself on this record, "Merlot" emulating the styles of Nujabes with a choice of rigidity in the cut and splicing of piano samples, a touch that comes into its own on "Wants To" which makes a engrossing melody of female vocals cut to distort the words and craft a tune with the instances between the distinguishable while rocking a bold moving bass groove underneath. Its not an original technique but its executed to serve its purpose. Biro shows a lot of promise but the short release hinders itself from offering up more of his style and creating an engrossing listening experience.

Favorite Songs: Orientation, Wants To, Stay Gold
Rating: 3/10