Thursday, 27 August 2015

Public Service Broadcasting "Inform Educate Entertain" (2013)

 Thanks to Brady and his Youtube channel Objectivity I was introduced to this fantastic musical project that takes stock audio from national archives and uses it alongside instrumentals to create a retrospective peak into the past using music to guide the mood and narratives of times gone by. Behind the name are two English musicians, Willgoose and Wrigglesworth who have been playing together for five years now and have released an EP and two full lengths, of which this was their first.

An interesting observation to make clear from the get go is that nothing here feels "nostalgic". In the same way Kraftwerk envisioned aspects of society both in the past and future, PSB feels like it "takes you there" more than it does remember it. The electronic leads, dense atmospheric synths and brooding indie guitars build up rocking atmospheres dripped with developing leads that continually grow and interchange with one another in a big layered sound that balances its density carefully.

Each song revolves around a set of samples the instrumentals correlate with. For example "Signal 30" is the records most "aggressive" sound with big distortion indie leads taking charge of the track, strumming out burgeoning riffs while archive samples play out sounds of cars crashing and an aggressive chap who's annoyed at a motorist. It may not be the best example but the chemistry between the two works on every track. Despite this the instrumentals could easily stand on their own.

The record has fantastic production. Each track may start with a few gentler shades of sound, but quickly the melodies and layers build up and a flood of sound heads towards the listener, peaking the songs in the big moments that often end the songs. The initial attraction to this project was its concept, but the writing and composition has revealed itself to have much class and depth that can be enjoyed without the samples context. A strong record that will continue to grow on me I'm sure.

Favorite Songs: Inform - Educate - Entertain, Night Mail, Everest
Rating: 7/10