Monday, 14 September 2015

Big Tymers "I Got That Work" (2000)

Following up on B.G's "Chopper City In The Ghetto" this Cash Money release seemed like a great move forward. American rap duo "Mannie Fresh" and "Birdman" make up Big Tymers who featured on a few tracks from B.G's record. Mannie Fresh also handled production of both records however the style and theme of this record was understandably different. "I Got That Work" takes on a far more boisterous and bling bling vibe than I prefer. Much of the themes are of success and flaunting it as well as reminding you where they came from. After just a couple of listens my mind was made up on this record and not much has changed my mind since.

Mannie's production is working with a similar construct of sequencer compositions and midi controlled instruments that make for easy on the ear's Hip Hop that's effortlessly deciphered. There's plenty of guitars, horns and stab arrangements on top of the tight, rigid snappy drum kits, deep kicks and subdued funk base lines. It all adds up to a clean polished sound, but fairly mediocre experience with a lack of hooks or catchy moments. The album simply plays through beat after beat that you can't complain about, but does little to get stuck in the mind or drive home something unique. Mannie gets a touch creative with some snares shuffling through stereo or with varying volume levels and pitch shifts but it does so little for the tracks it features on.

Looking over the Cash Money discography and just how much Mannie produced at this time I did get a quantity over quality vibe and this one certainly backed up that impression. At seventy three minutes "I Got The Work" just pumps out mediocrity in droves that lost the excitement after the second play through. The same could be said of the raps which were uninteresting in general, again giving of a quantity over quality vibe with many of the crew dropping in average verses. Not a terrible record but it does little to bring me back.

Favorite Tracks: 10 Wayz, Rocky
Rating: 3/10