Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Erang "Tome X" (2015)

That time has come again when out of nowhere the day is illuminated by the arrival of a new record from French musician Erang, the one man band and composer of nostalgic, atmospheric Dungeon Synth, the microcosm genre that has flourished in recent years. Following the progression of this project has been enjoyable but with the last few records Erang has really come into his own, mastering his vision and elevating his compositions to the next level. "Tomb X" is the 10th full length and forth with the mysterious Tomb name. At first glance I thought this might be a trip back to the roots and on some levels it is, however much of what has developed on recent records is to be found here again.

Its no surprise to find a wondrous collection of melodies that spark the imagination, visions of rich fantasy realms lost in nostalgia come to mind with every passing song. Each song has its own moment, memory, story to tell and establishes its presence quickly for short and indulging tunes which rarely break the themes they define themselves with through a diverse set of lush and charismatic instruments mixed with grace and care. There is a constant duality of string and lead that has one or two melodies dancing over deep, atmospheric choirs and strings that fill up much of the void the simplistic nature of these songs could so easily leave unfilled.

This is possibly the best sounding Erang record to date, however with nine full lengths to compete with many of the songs do wash up into a haze of similarity. The atmospheric nature of this record is fantastic for setting a mood and indulging oneself, but flicking through the tracks reminded me there aren't to many sparks that jump out in the track listing, though there is a strong group of adventurous songs in the mid section. Another great chapter in the tale of Erang, as always I'm left with an appetite for more.

Favorite Tracks: The Crocodile Fairies Of The Mayoo Wood, Lord Phantom, Ghouls Grotto, The Infinite Steppes Of Kolm
Rating: 7/10

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  1. It is awesome to read how how you talk about does albums and songs.
    I'll probably gonna read them more often.