Saturday, 10 October 2015

Farmer Boys "Countrified" (1996)

Farmer Boys are a German Metal band from Stuttgart who are still technically together despite years of silence and no studio record since their forth in 2004. With little chart success or renounced acclaim it was quite fortunate to stumble across this small band that play a breed of Metal perfectly suited to my taste. Had I found this in my youth I'm sure I would of lapped it up. I can hear that energy, but these days it doesn't have quite the same effect one me. There's also an interesting "Depeche Mode" cover in there, with Anneke of "The Gathering". Which is how I found my way to this group.

Their sound was immediately identifiable. Big crunchy distortion guitars, angrily shouted vocals and subtle symphonic elements to break up the metal assault. Initially I heard tinges of Industrial with a "Die Krupps" feel to their style, especially in the dense, chunky guitar tone. That might be a regional thing but as I got to know these songs all the influences became apparent. Forces of Groove, Thrash and Nu Metal converge through the riffage with a Doom and Gothic tinge amplified through the acoustic moments and subtle strings that sit quietly under the guitars while choir aah's covertly grow and creep into the songs.

The album drives through a straight forward arrangement of songs that work through the motions, playing out aggressive riffs, broken up by mood shifts led by Matthias Sayer's gloomy, sorrowful clean vocals. As the album gets deeper some very obvious sounds surface with "Pantera" blunt force style riffs and grooves emulating "Machine Heads" classic pinch harmonic groove. For 96 its a great sounding record and the group sound relatively original in the Doom Metal moments of their songs but they do sound a little drawn between styles. Either way they define themselves and despite a very decipherable style, the album flows effortlessly and the songs are really enjoyable. As I said in the beginning, ten years ago me would of lapped this up.

 Favorite Songs: Farm Sweet Farm, When A Chicken Cries For Love, In A Distance To God, Call Me A Hog, Countrified
Rating: 5/10

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