Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Carbon Based Lifeforms "Twentythree" (2011)

It would appear I've found my niche with this Swedish duo's ambient project CBL who's previous record "Interloper" is a completely different style and form of soundscape music. Despite such a difference they tap into my preferred sound waves and with "Twentythree" we are submerged into soft ambiguous drones of non specific and continual sound that organically repeats over like a flowing stream of water as opposed to some mechanical operation. These drones are light and cloudy, foggy and mysterious, dense and transparent all in the same instance.

The record flows as a single track and the nuances of each drone may pass you by as this record drifts into the subconscious, creating a mood and environment without form or awareness. It has its darker drones, spacey, aquatic and all of them come with some form of buried and smothered sampling. Maybe its voices, bells, a water stream, an effeminate voice singing, birds chirping of even a dog barking if not an electronic lead playing a melody can sometimes be heard lost in the depths. Deep in the soundscape many sounds converge in the density which doesn't come over like a wall of sound but more like a rabbit hole that gets deeper the more you peer in and give it your attention.

Even though these dreamy ambiance pieces are vivid, rich and poised in the easy listening spectrum they do succumb to the perceived limits of such music where your foreground attention can be lulled. These are songs for the subconscious, the backdrop and serve a purpose as powerful and meditative music to condition the mind for focus on a task at hand. This is the sort of record to drop on when your attention is required elsewhere, the result, a wash of calm and tranquility. If your already in that mood it can serve as a door for your limitless imagination.

Rating: 7/10

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