Wednesday, 29 June 2016

If These Trees Could Talk "The Bones Of A Dying World" (2016)

Four years since their second full length "Red Forest", the instrumental five-piece group from Ohio return with a maturer, cinematic record that glimmers from dark shadows as brooding emotions of warning evolve through expansive grooves, ghostly shimmering guitar leads and brightly plucked acoustic notes. A deep sense of departure and sorrow runs under the scale of these songs, as the title might suggest the inspiration is in anticipation of are destruction of mother nature and her beauty.

The natural world is whats envisioned, no ounce or inch of urban, human affection is felt. As scaling overdrive guitars wail and cry out in their lofty reverbs the soundtrack of dwarfing mountains and endless forests emerge in the mind, the sadness feeling like a last goodbye. As organic as nature itself these songs breathe and move through a continual motion with recurring riffs growing the songs to conclusion rather than part of a formulated structure.

Under neath it all chunky prowling baselines hammer down a steady backbone. The drums creatively work out all sorts of grooves and shuffles to glue the guitars direction to the beat and taking most of the attention are the guitars which orchestrate the mammoth atmosphere through tremolo plucked leads that drift endlessly into their own reverbs. Occasional distortion leads drop in with a couple of guitar solos which felt very fitting despite not being expected, they stayed very true to the intention of the song without over bloating themselves. The tone of the acoustic guitars were stunning and added an infectious feel of melodic charm that didn't come in the form of a catchy hook or memorable line.

For all its dense atmospheres and melodic tones the record maintains a tight balance between color and grey-scale. Post-Metal or Post-Rock often has an almost narrow dimension to its sound without bright and distinguishable instruments the constant oozing of sound and sorrowful tone can feel somewhat colorless and the tinges of color that emerge highlight the beautiful composition. "The Bones Of A Dying World" is a stunning effort but in moments some songs drift into less immersive moments and a couple of less favorable tracks weight it down in my experience.

Favorite Tracks: Swallowing Teeth, Earth Crawler, The Giving Tree
Rating: 7/10

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  1. This band is my favourite - had to buy the record from america and have it ship to NZ; very worth the price