Sunday, 27 May 2018

Between The Buried And Me "Automata I" (2018)

I was firmly disappointed in the bands previous release Coma Ecliptic and I'm marveled to learn its been three years since its release! It makes sense since I have a memory of walking a route at my old home and listening to that record, not resonating with it. My how time flies! Fortunately this time around Ive quite enjoyed this shorter record, clocking in at thirty five minutes it doesn't out stay its welcome however it does have a rather bitter sweet composition where the heavy doesn't always suit my mood.

Swaying between their expansive, Progressive inclinations and metallic roots in Math Metal, Metalcore and Djent, Automata I has moments of scenic harmonies, playful melodies and luscious chemistries between musicians that also, unfortunately, gravitate into the lull of overtly technically and aesthetically bludgeoning tangents of metallic assault. Being a Progressive Metal band it is hardly a surprise but rather disappointing how the heavy end of their sound feels grades below what they accomplish with harmonic breaks and ditching of distortion guitars, the same goes of singer Tommy Rodgers who has a powerful clean voice that gleams, his screams however I find cagey and narrow, to often do they creep in underneath his clean tracks in the transitional sections.

 Its made me question if my apatite for heavy music is fading but I think it has always been the Progressive side of their sound that has lured me in. With the second half of Yellow Eyes and Millions, the band drift into a wonderful passage of free flowing music with touches of Jazz Rock as they tone down some aggression and let drummer groove on his kit. The opening track Condemned To The Gallows manages the swaying of intensities much better but I think this band has so much more to offer when the distortion and screaming isn't present. I also learned today this is essentially one half of a double album so Ill be picking up the other half soon! I'm hoping for more acoustics.

 Favorite Track: Millions
 Rating: 6/10