Friday, 5 September 2014

Abnormality "Contaminating The Hive Mind" (2012)

In the Death Metal scene today there is a constant flood of new and emerging bands that, in my opinion, don't really offer much to the genre, or particularly go anywhere new or interesting. I thought Abnormality were one of those bands, I found there song "Monarch Omega" when browsing through the endless music videos youtube offers. Despite really enjoying that song, it took me some time to give this album a shot due to my prejudices with the scene.

Having finally got around to giving it a listen, i found was a solid record, one that doesn't try to be anything more that what it is, but delivers some memorable tunes. There is a very enjoyable creative approach to the riffing here that borders experimental at times, but doesn't stray to far from the bounds of the genre. It's a pretty typical Death Metal album, but it has an edge that will make you return when in that whiplash mood.

The recording of this album is crisp and clear, but nothing special, the guitars can be a bit muddy at times but overall the cohesion is good on these tracks, the drum kit has an especially punchy tone and a strong and pummeling presence in both the mix and the songs. Overall this is an easily enjoyed record.

Favorite Tracks: Monarch Omega, Taste Of Despair, Shooting The Messenger
Rating: 6/10